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KESH is a London-based multidisciplinary artist whose work stretches boundaries between

visual art, music and design. From large-scale digital works to hand illustration, photography,

sculpture and experimental music, KESH mines personal narratives to create singular works

that are immersive and unmistakable.

KESH’s success as a visual artist began with her first independent show, ME.ME.ME, which

opened in Los Angeles in 2012, and led to a global collaboration with American Apparel,

featuring pieces printed with KESH’s graphic black-and-white artworks.

2016 marked the debut of KESH’s solo exhibition LJUS2 at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in SoHo,

New York, and in 2018, KESH was part of the acclaimed group exhibition Digitalia at the

Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, CA. Digitalia explored the symbiotic

relationship between technology, identity, and evolving narratives, themes that are central to

KESH’s evolving range of expression.

Now, the artist is integrating music as a primary aspect of her work, creating immersive spaces

and experiences that hone the balance between her visual work and self-produced sonic

expressions. Still an extension of her signature identity, KESH’s music contains ethereal

soundscapes imbued with lyrical exploration and grounded in deft beats that reflect the artist’s

experience as an international DJ. KESH is currently working on her debut EP.

KESH’s work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, i-D, The New York Times, LA Weekly, and The

Huffington Post, among others. She continues to release limited edition, collectible fashion

pieces in addition to creating genre-defining new multi-disciplinary works.

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The goal is to merge the newly debuted sonic identity to the visual one that has already been formed. Turning it into an exciting interactive journey for fans and collectors. Utilizing all creative outlets to bring together the entire vision that can connect to people of all ages and walks of life. 

Signature visual identity behind each music project with collector items to be available at merch booth / online as each project pans out. Prints, tees, sweaters, artworks, zines, phone cases etc etc 

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Shows to reflect the identity behind each release (EP / Album / collection of singles).

Full unforgettable immersive interactive shows with powerful visuals and sound design to 

capture the crowds attention and keep them involved throughout the performance. 

In the concept below the idea was to have masks available at the door and each person 

could choose a happy or sad face. This concept could be used later down the line for a 


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An older concept titled 'I confess' designed to be a non digital release. The concept isn't exactly relative to 2020 but it displays an identity behind a project. 


Visualizers and videos to be a huge part of the appeal and draw. A mixture of animated / cgi and IRL productions to give a strong visual presence to accompany the sound. Some moodboards and reference points below. 

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